7 Billion $ Will Be Invested By Investors In Real Estate

The investor’s confidence is boosted by a favourable regulatory environment coupled with attractive asset valuations. In the global arena, it has changed the perception of Indian realty. Large Indian corporate as well as high net worth individuals will bring in investments worth USD 7 billion into the sector by the end of this year.

Real Estate

It is predicted that retail and warehousing sectors will be in forefront as compared to the office and residential sectors. Residential sectors are expected to be traditional drivers for the industry.

As per the report of CBRE titled Indian Real Estate in 2017, the major policy related disruptions by Indian Government are challenging the traditional operating environment. The policy is setting a new foundation for change. RERA, GST and REITs  are some regulatory measures that are aimed to improve transparency of the sector. Regulatory measures also aim to increase the share of organized segment and enhance the entire investor sentiment. Such regulatory measures will aid in catalyzing accessible business in India. It supports corporate entities by entering and expanding their footprint in country.

If we talk about the warehousing sector then the participation of international players ensures better and larger warehouses to emerge in key markets.

According to the survey, it was found that more than 40 percent of retailers wish to locate the malls of cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. Such cities serve as experience destinations.

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